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Floating Dock Construction

Floating docks differ from traditional docks because they are anchored to the bottom of the water using vertical poles. Larger floating docks often have a ramp attached, which generally rests on the shore. We are one of the best dock construction companies to turn to with questions for anything related to docks. If you aren’t sure whether a floating dock or a traditional dock is right for your Orlando, Florida property, we are happy to help. Without a boat dock, you may not be as likely to go out on the water. So If you don’t already have a boat dock, let us design and construct a new dock with your assistance. We only use the most advanced marine construction strategies and the highest-quality materials in order to construct docks that are highly functional and last for many years to come. We guarantee that the boat dock we build will add value to your property and enable you to use your boat more often.

From commercial properties to residential properties, our Florida floating dock builders designs create the perfect dock catered to your needs and desires. A floating dock creates an area for you to walk on safely. They are commonly made of non-slip surfaces, making it the ideal addition to your waterfront property. This non-slip surface is perfect when getting on and off boats and in and out of water.

A floating dock is anchored to the bottom of the water by using heavy-duty vertical poles. If it is a larger floating dock, it will usually be built with a ramp attached that will rest on the shore. Florida floating docks also create quick access to marinas to include docks for boats, fishing, swimming platforms and waterside lounging.

Along with floating docks, there are a number of different docks. Before you decide what type of dock you want installed on your property, we will make sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages of all types of docks.

Below are some of the advantages of floating docks:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Adjusts to high and low water conditions
  • More buoyant and flexible
  • Easy access to water and boat
  • Floating docks move with your boat

Since floating docks are considered more flexible, during a storm you won’t need to worry about the boat moving around and slamming into your stationary dock.

Floating dock disadvantages:

  • Can be heavier than stationary docks
  • Not to be used for heavy loading and unloading

Floating Dock Builder

As with any marine construction, a few steps are necessary in order to ensure a long lasting construction:

  • Survey the area to understand the site and conditions
  • Determine the size of the floating dock
  • Determine what permits are needed before beginning construction
  • Consult with Florida Floating dock contractors for help every step of the way
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